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24 Sep / 9:00pm - 12:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

The Matt & Phreds ALL STAR Jam is hosted by one of the most exciting young Manchester bands, DREAMER.

Alongside DREAMER, we will be inviting Guest Musicians to join the band and Jam with anyone who wants to take part.

25 Sep / 9:00pm - 12:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

The Boogie Williams Trio Grande is made up of Boogie Williams on piano and vocal, Alan 'The Hat' Whitham on bass and Richard Young on drum set.

26 Sep / 7:00pm - 11:00pm / £10 + £1 Booking Fee | DOORS 7PM

GET LOUD for NORDOFF ROBBINS brings musical royalty, Lisa Standsfield to M&P's! With one of the most distinctive voices in modern soul, Lisa Stansfield’s music has been a constant presence on the dance floor and airwaves for 30 years. She’s been all around the world but the heart of this Rochdale lass remains firmly in the north.

27 Sep / 9:00pm - 12.00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

The Gelatos are a high energy all live (piano, double bass, sax/clarinet), all singing jazz trio playing songs from the 40's & 50's.

28 Sep / 9:00pm - 1:00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 5PM | HAPPY HOUR...

Matt and Phreds love Brass... really LOVE brass. Over the years we have hosted some of the best and M&P's Fourth Brass Battle is going to be a corker as Heavy Beat Brass Band go head to head with Dead Beat Brass! These are two of the hottest young bands on the circuit so expect musical sparks to fly!

If you like your brass get down to this Battle!

29 Sep / 5:00pm - 06:00pm / EARLY EVENING FREE GIG | DOORS...

We've got a great new addition to our Free Early Evening Saturday gigs. Please welcome Tom Seals!

29 Sep / 9:30pm - 01.00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 5PM | HAPPY HOUR...

We are excited for the The Plimp Souls return to the club tonight. Don't miss this great local band!

Manchester born heavy-funk/soul band The Plimp Souls are brought together by one vision:
To give Manchester a fresh blend of authentic raw funk. This tight 9-piece ensemble bring a new twist to the scene.

29 Sep / 11:45pm - 4:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS FROM 1AM ON...

We are super excited to be adding a Saturday Late Night DJ event to M&P's with all round superstar, John S. Locke!

John S. Locke has been a DJ and face around Manchester on and off for literally over 40 years!